Over the last 25 (Twenty-five) years our company has been providing tourism related services to individuals and corporate clients covering the entire region of South-East Asia and especially Bangladesh. The most prominent of these services has been provided in the form of organized trips to the Sundarban Forest. Since 1995 we have been operating these trips with the help of our cruising boats “M.L.Bonbibi”, “M.V.Chhuti” & “M.V.Aboshar” – specially built for that purpose. Over this period we are proud to say that, in Sundarban alone, we have handled over 25,000 tourists, both local and foreign. We remember a time in the not too distant past, when the Sundarban were considered dark and inhospitable – certainly adverse to human habitation, but also difficult to visit. Dense and impenetrable jungles – the domain of the mysterious and elusive Royal Bengal Tiger, humid weather that proves hazardous to photographic equipment and very negligible logistical facilities denied us the pleasures of enjoying the beauty and diversity of the world’s largest stretch of littoral mangrove.

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